Adams daily routine begins with a grouling workout at the gym. Adam believes that his personal fitness is a major roll in developing himself as a driver.

"If am not driving , I'm training. To aid recovery I will finish training one week before I drive a serious test or race".

"My training consists of mainly Cardio Vascular work to improve my general fitness and provide me with the stamina I need to drive as hard as I can in any length motor race".


"This year as always will be tough but I am getting acclimatised to it and my fitness level is as good as it has ever been. I am going to be in fantastic shape for the coming British GT season"

Pictured to the right you can see Adam after driving F3000 in Jerez, Spain during August 1998. The intense heat conditions he experienced during this event where the key factor in his decision to become the serious fitness fanatic he is today.

"Because of racing in the climate of Malaysia and Japan I have included training in a steam room to get my body and mind used to dealing with heat and humidity".


As well as a full time healthy eating regime Adam comments "on the week build up to a race, I participate in 'Carbohydrate Loading' by eating mainly pasta and rice. So I am full of carbohydrates and energy and prepared as I can be to do the best job I can as soon as I get in the car".

"I train at the gym for at least 3 hours a day, 4 days a week doing Cardiovascular work. Mainly lots of running, cycling and cross training, because of being out in Malaysia and japan, I have also incorporated getting used to extreme temperatures by doing 'stints' in the steam room and sauna after each workout".



6.00 AM - Alarm Call

6.30 AM - Breakfast

7.00 AM - Leave for Circuit

9.00 AM - Test session 90 Minutes

11.00 AM - Qualifying starts

12.00 PM - Lunch





12.30 PM

Pitlane walkabout


Photo group session






1.45 PM - Cars + Team to Grid



2.00 PM - Race Start

Adam racing at the Fuji circuit in Honshu - Japan, against the stunning backdrop of Mount Fuji.

3.00 PM - Race Finish

3.05 PM - Podium Celebrations

6.00 PM - Leave for hotel